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Amazon to sell its own private label groceries


amazon-to-sell-its-own-private-label-groceriesAmazon would soon be selling its own patented grocery brands that would comprise of household goods as well as perishable and non perishable items like food and health products, baby products, laundry products and more.

Amazon would soon be launching its own private label brands of all common household items that would include edibles like coffee, baby products like diapers and all other kinds of perishable groceries. This report was told by the Wall Street Journal. Apart from that, the website would also sell spices and condiments, non perishable items like laundry detergent, and in house clothing as well.

All these products would be under the brand name of Appy Belly, Wickedly Prime, and Mama Bear. People who are fond of electrical gadgets would also buy USB cords as well as disposable batteries. Now Amazon would have to convince customers to switch over to these brands from the brand they are already using. This would definitely be a grand venture on Amazons part. Keep reading to know more!