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CPC forgets killing of protestors



As it has been found out, the Communist party of China has started to keep a strong check on the Chinese public. Not only have they rejected the tragic killing of protestors but also come up with harsh rules and regulations. Keep reading to find out.

The killing of protestors

The June 4th Museum recently opened to remember one event that the Communist Party of China would prefer the citizens to forget the tragic killing of protestors of pro democracy located at 1989s Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Tucked inside a bustling district of the territory, the memorial also shows a few documentaries as well as houses with a proper replica of the goddess of democracy statue

Current situation in China

Such a display can never exist in China. The Communists have not just blocked other internet sites and other sources of information but kept a check on the Chinese public as well. But in Hong Kong, a part of China which is governed on its own, has more liberal laws have kept the memory of those who have died still alive through marches on the upcoming anniversary.