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How can young women test their fertility?



Nowadays women are conceiving at an old age due to their career and lifestyle due to which a number of women are also failing to conceive. Some women take the help of IVF while some women just remain chewing their fingers.Doctors in the USA has recently started testing women for fertility.

According to the center for disease control and prevention, women have been waiting for a long time to start their family. The average age of most pregnancies is women have been slated at around 27 years in USA.Women are more concerned about their career and their lives before starting a family and many women are trying to have a child with the IVF technique. This also gives rise to maximum infertility among which the main causes are smoking and drinking, obesity and stress factors. A new test is being conducted on women where it is being seen whether a woman’s ovarian reserve is stable or starting to lessen. The main benefit of this test is, you would exactly know where you are in your reproductive span. This would help women to get ready for their next baby in future.