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Let your child play game on the computers and smart devices with strict monitoring


play gameDoes your child want to play game on the computer device every time? As parents and guardians, you have to take the responsibility to monitor them and makes time limits for playing.

In the todays world, video games are very popular, especially among the children and young teenagers. These electronic based home game systems are in huge collection on the market. If any video game is going to finish, don’t worry, there is already another version or more advance type of games available on the video games market.Video games are just not for the kids, but designed for grownups as well. Try out playing your favorite video game today.

There is no doubt positive impact of playing video games, but the negative effects seem to be more hazardous. Henceforth, kids must be supervised very carefully. There is a huge debate regarding the effect of video games on the mindset of children. If you are a parent, it is quite natural to get worried about your child’s addiction towards playing PC or computer games.

What are the positive effects of video games?

• Some video games help to teach basic math concepts to children.
• Few video games based on some good stories teach the children “what is good and what is not”
• When the kids try out a specific theme based play game, it also helps to improve the problem solving skills.
• Some games also encourage the team work if played in multi-player format.positive effects of play game

What are the negative effects of video games?

• There is an addiction for games.
• Instead of going outside and playing, the kids spend the maximum time in front of the computer screens.
• Their studies get hampered
• Aggressive behavioral patterns are noticed
• Less energetic and feel restless without the games
• Lack of social skillsnegative effects of play game

Parents must keep a check in about play game

Parents and guardians have a very big role to play in this respect. It is their duty to have a check and monitor the kids when they play game and lay out a time limit for the video game playing. This can be helpful in fighting against the negative impact of video games.