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Seattle to host special 2018 special Olympic game


Special-Olympics-ND_0[1]Seattle has announced that it would be hosting thespecial Olympic USA games in July 2018 after the New Jersey Olympic that was held in 2014.A good number of spectators are expected to watch the game.

Seattle would be hosting the special Olympic USA games in July 2018 as per official announcement on Thursday. This was revealed in a crowded room of Special Olympics fans and athletes by Gov. Jay Inslee and others. This special Olympic games areĀ  held every four years and the last games were held in New Jersey in 2014.Around 3500 athletes from over 50 states would be participating in the games that would include gymnastics, power lifting, cycling, swimming and relay races as well as more.

The 2018 event will mark the 50th year of the game. The coordinators are expecting that there would be around 50,000 spectators and it would generate around $50 million in tourism revenue. The competition would be free to the public as well. People are very excited for the Special Olympic that would be held soon.