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Teaching Diversity Problems Start In The USA



Schools in the United States have started to face major problems related to diversity. Find out here where the problem really lies and what exactly can be done about it! The problem is real and needs quick help.

The Problem

Public schools in the United States have recently faced a crisis of teaching diversity on the hands. The teaching force has been compromised overwhelmingly of white teachers with around eighty two percent during the year of 2011-12 and the numbers are now on an increase.

What is Kings Verdict?

Kings Verdict however is very simple. He says that diversity is not all about the colour of the student. It is essential for all students to have teachers of different colours and see people of colour in roles of leadership. The school districts as well as skills cannot pull the burden on the teachers of different colours. They also cant say it’s the responsibility of teachers of different colours to deal with issues of diversity.