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Texting lane created by the Utah School for phone centered individuals


texting-lane-created-by-the-utah-school-for-phone-centered-individualsUtah University has been involved in the creation of a particular lane for the students who are always glued to their smart phones for texting while walking. Neon green lanes are painted on the stairs of the Utah University as an intention of getting the attention of the students as per the words of the Spokesperson of the school, Melina Colton. It is something new and unique that has been initiated by the school for the safety of the students.


What is the designing pattern of the lanes?

The lanes are categorized into sections like walking, running and texting. Thesm concept seems to have created a lot of buzz and attention on the social media platforms after the picture of the stairs got posted online few days back. The lanes are only visible to the recreation center for the school. According to the 22 year old student Tasia Briggs, “I wouldn’t mind if such lanes with neon green color categorization are applied all across the campus.”

What does the spokesperson has to say?

In the words of the school spokesperson, Briggs, “There is nothing more irritating and disgusting than walking behind an individual who is texting since you are unable to get around and go anywhere. Smart phone messaging through texts, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat or FACEBOOK Messaging plays a huge role in today’s generation and how these are the means of their communication. It is really amazing and cool to find that the colleges acknowledge such facts.”