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USA Suicide rates rushes forward to a 30 year high



Recent surveys were conducted where women in the USA were seen to commit suicide at a higher rate compared in the last few years. Their rate is higher compared to the rate of women in USA.

The recent surveys have shown that the suicide rate in the USA has risen to a high in nearly the last 30 years. It increases in every age group except for old adults. It was also seen that the rise of suicide was particularly high for the middle aged women in America aged 45-64.The overall suicide rate for men rose by 43%. In all, the overall suicide rate increased by 24%, according to the National center for health Statistics.

This was one of the highest rates of suicide in the last 30 years where the count was 13 per 100,000 people. The rate rose by 2% every year starting from 2006 and gradually doubled over a period of time. It was seen that 42,773 people died from suicide in 2014.