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What Are The Pros And Cons In Adapting To Non-Veg Diets?


What are the pros and cons in adapting to non-veg diets? The non-veg diet offers several health benefits in one hand and on the other, paves the way for the triggering of several physical ailments and problems on the mental health. As such, it is very important that your diet should have a balance between the veg and non-veg stuffs so that you get the worth of both the options and can refrain from the problems that are obvious in adapting sole on any of these options.

About the pros of Non-veg diet

The Non-veg diet is loaded with nutrients like protein and different grades of vitamins, especially the Vitamin B12. Fishes are richest sources for the fatty acids like Omega-3 that comes extremely beneficial in neutralizing the harmful fats. Consumption of meat, fishes and eggs in balance would make the body stronger and boost faster development of the body muscles and mass.

Cons with the Non-veg diet

People running on non-veg diet often face troubles like constipation, obesity, abnormally high blood pressure, high cholesterol as well as stands higher chances to catch cardio-vascular diseases. The problem with the non-veg diet is not only restricted to the physical troubles and it embraces problems on the mental health as well. People adapting the non-veg diet are seen to have poor concentration abilities and it raises the anger and lust.