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5 Suggestions For A Happy Sex Life After Giving Birth


All women are curious about the first postnatal sexual intercourse. For a happier sexual life in your marriage please take a look at my  articles on reews.com

Although it has been stated that after the normal birth the healing of the wounds lasts for about 6 weeks, it is best to consult your doctor as this may vary from person to person.

After the doctor tells you “You can keep on your sexual life” your first  experience may be difficult for you. For example, reaching orgasms may not be as easy as it was before. Do not worry, every woman experiences this. The important thing is knowing what you need to do.

5 Suggestions for Happy Sexual Life After Childbirth

1. Use lublicants

Vaginal dryness is especially common in lactating mothers. The rescuer is a lubricant. it helps you to enjoy more by preventing rubbing. However, since the vagina is very sensitive after birth, the use of ordinary creams and oils is very important. Otherwise, it may cause infection. You can use products that are sold in pharmacies and markets, or products under the name of lubricant gels.

2. Masturbation

From time to time, masturbation is necessary to give our body pleasure and reach orgasms. It can also be used as an effective method to detect the level of sensitivity of the genital area, especially after delivery.

3.Pay attention to the position

Especially postnatal sex experience in different positions can hurt your body. Speed ​​and depth control in positions where women are at the top will be pleasurable and painless option as the control will be in women hand.

4.Do not think about your baby

Focus on your pleasure and throw away the thoughts about your baby in your head. This can be a bit difficult for women who just gave birth for the first time in particular. Try to set the times when you can be alone with your partner and just focus on each other.

5. Do the Kegel Exercises.

During pregnancy, many changes occur in the pelvic floor. The first way to strengthen these muscles is to exercises the pelvic muscles by contracting and releasing themand by doing so you will promote sexual pleasure . Squeezing your Kegel muscles is like pushing yourself to avoid urination when you want to pee. This compression is actually like compressing and releasing these muscles which are from  vagina to the anus