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Bad News For Those Who Like Oral Sex


“You are very wrong if you think this disease is transmitted only through sexual organs. Especially these bacteria are more dangerous for women! “

If you think that gonorrhea is transmitted only through sexual organs, you are wrong. A dangerous and silent gonorrhea viruses reservoir is ​​our throat, which contains billions of bacteria! This pest-resistant disease is spreading by oral sex all over the world. The World Health Organization warned against this new species, also called “super gonorrhea”. Because, as you know, the treatment is not successful.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Betül Görgen gave the following information about the connection between gonorrhea and oral sex:


Each year around 78 million people around the world are caught by gonorrhea. This new species, resistant to inadequate treatment antibiotics, is placed in the throat after oral sex. And it gives an indication of an ordinary throat infection. But since oral gonorrhea is difficult to detect and treat, routine infectious treatments are inadequate and contribute to bacterin resistance.

Even when these bacteria are detected, treatment of oral infections is difficult. Antibiotics are found in the bloodstream, but there is less blood in the throat area.

These untreated throat infections can spread to the genitals and can cause testicles and pelvic pain in men. Especially these bacteria are more dangerous for women.


This bacterium can always be smarter than we are. It is able to develop resistance against every medication. It started resisting to to its primary treatment options known as “ciprofloxacin” and “azithromycin”.

Three super gonorrhea cases have emerged in Japan, France and Spain that are resistant to this treatment. The new species of bacterium, unaffected by any antibiotic, is concerned about in the World of science.

This does not mean that super ‘gonorrhea’ can not be cured. However, doctors may have to resort to “unlabelled” treatments that are not properly tested in humans (eg taking high doses of antibiotics or heavier medications).

Moreover, when you use drugs you do not know, you can not know at what doses you should take those drugs. Also, after a while, the bacteria may be immunized against those drugs.


Scientists are working on three new drugs that can be used against super ‘gonorrhea. But there is not much that can be used for these super-resistant bacteria.

It should also be noted that there is no incentive for pharmaceutical companies to produce new drugs against this new bacterial infection. Because the lifespan of these drugs is not long enough. It is necessary to change the formula of the drug when the bacteria gain resistance against it. For this reason, no efforts are made to produce any medicine against this disease.


This bacterium is becoming a growing problem threatening public health. In the world, about 78 million people every year are getting infected by gonorrhea. This number has been increasing, in recent years, due to reduced fear of HIV and thus reduced use of condoms. At the same time unsuccessful treatments and the fact that people are carrying this disease by travelling to other countries can also affect this.

Pesticide-resistant bacteria have increased in recent years in many countries, particularly in India, China, Indonesia, South America, Canada and the United States. Little is known about the trends in Africa or the Middle East because of consistent data incompleteness.