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Do you feel like you are starting to lose your charm on your partner? Is your stamina going downhill every time you engage in sexual activities? Is your sex life no longer as appealing and exciting as it used to before? If all these questions got a big YES for an answer, worry not because you are not the only living male on this planet going through the same dilemma.

Your sexual health has a very important role in determining the health of your romantic relationship. Just like men, women also demand more in bed. To make sure that your partner will enjoy your company more, it is important to see to it that you work on all aspects of your relationship, especially your intimacy.

As far a woman’s bedroom satisfaction is concerned, size definitely matters as well as longer and harder erections.

Sadly, though, not all men are capable enough to please their woman in bed. Due to people’s unhealthy lifestyles, even your health has suffered to a certain point.

Men are now facing a considerably long list of sex-related issues. From lower sex drive to poor quality of erections, men of all ages today go through these distressing programs.

And while it is not really a concern to have a sex related issue, accepting your sexual health definitely is.

Good thing that in this modern world, it is now possible to find a cure for all your problems, and yes, even your poor sex health could finally come to an end.

There is now a chance for you to deal with issues such as low libido, low virility, small size of erect penis, poor quality of erections, and more. All you need is one capsule, and that is none other than Male Extra!

Male Extra: An Overview

Male Extra

Male Extra is one of the leading male enhancement supplements you can find in the market right now, all thanks to the powerful ingredients it contains, and its potent formula as a whole. More importantly, this is also noted for having more clinical proof to back its claims compared to most male enhancement supplements.

The powerful formula of Male Extra is composed of a mixture of several natural potent ingredients which are best known for their ability to help in sexual performance or promote sexual health. Each of the ingredients used can work well alone, but they become more powerful once combined, and this is exactly what the makers of Male Extra did with their formulation.

How Male Extra Works

Male Extra basically works through promoting increase flow of blood to the male organ. For an erection to take place, the penile tissues must be filled with blood. However, when there is an interruption in this blood flow or if it is prevented from reaching the ideal amount, you are probably suffering from issues related to erectile dysfunction.

Contrary to what most people believe, Viagra is just one of the many pills in the market which can help you sustain and achieve an erection. This science is rather simple, and through an effective mixture of ingredients, it is not really that hard to regain the same bedroom performance you used to enjoy when you were younger. Male Extra is something that you can considered as a natural Viagra as it works the same, or even better, but this time, only the most natural ingredients were used to reduce harsh side effects.

Through the ingestion of natural ingredients which promote increased nutrient absorption and blood flow, you will be able to give yourself the chance to attain erections anytime you need them for as long they are required.

Improved flow of blood lets you achieve an erection, while nutrient absorption can delay fatigue and boost your stamina to let you sustain your erections for a longer time. Even though there are now lots of natural remedies for erectile dysfunction out there, Male Extra proves to be way ahead of most its competitors.

Benefits of Using Male Extra

Male Extra male enhancement pills can work to improve your sexual health as whole. There is a lengthy list of benefits you get to enjoy when you use such a potent supplement, but below are several of the core benefits of using Male Extra:

This can help augment your stamina and strength for you to be able to actively participate in all sexual activities for an extended amount of time.

Male Extra helps improve your erections and their quality. It means that the use of these pills help you achieve stronger and longer erections required to give satisfaction to yourself and more importantly, to your partner.

The regular use of these sexual pills for a period of 3 to 6 months can help add several inches to the size of your penis during erections.

This male enhancement product can boost your sex drive, bedroom performance, and sexual health as a whole.

This product also improves male virility for your partner to enjoy and feel sexual intimacy better than ever before.

Male Extra is completely safe from side effects, and this only mans that you will be able to regain your sexual health with no need for you to worry about the common complications associated with using sexual enhancement pills.

The use of Male Extra will guarantee you multiple orgasms for utmost pleasure and satisfaction.

What’s Inside Male Extra?

Male Extra is a combination of several proven effective and powerful ingredients, which include the following:

L-Arginine HCL (King of Male Enhancement) – This is xtensively used in nitric oxide and male enhancement supplements as it turns the L-Arginine content of your body into nitric oxide that causes major increase in nutrient absorption and blood flow. There are numerous clinical studies conducted to prove L-Arginine’s effects on sexual performance and erection quality. This is probably the ingredient with the most scientific backing when it comes to bedroom performance improvement (1).

In one study, about 37 percent of men suffering from erectile dysfunction were able to enjoy significant improvement in achieving and sustaining erection after just a month of using L-Arginine. Another study revealed that men who used this ingredient for six weeks enjoyed doubled levels of nitric oxide, which is not only great for erection quality and bedroom performance, but also offers many other benefits such as increased muscle size and oxygen delivery to muscles. L-Arginine is known far and wide as among the most effective natural remedies for erectile dysfunction that exists today (1).

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid (Secret Ingredient) – This is dubbed as a secret ingredient since there are no other supplements for male enhancement that use it. Several evidences support its effect on blood circulation which makes it a very potent ingredient. However, there are no other makers that considered adding this to their formulas, and this is where Male Extra manages to beat its competitors. A certain study made people drink pomegranate juice every day for 90 days, and they were able to experienced increased blood flow to as much as 17 percent. This is already an enormous increase for blood circulation which makes it an extremely effective ingredient to achieve quality erections (1).

Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM (Size Booster) – MSM stimulates new cell growth which can hold more amounts of blood and are also more flexible. This only means that you will enjoy harder and larger erections than what you used to have (1).

L-Methionine – (Delayed Ejaculation) – It works through preventing increased histamine production during sexual activities. Histamine is the hormone which plays a big role in reaching climax although excessive histamine leads to too quick climaxes. L-Methionine can also prevent or reduce histamine amount to let you stay away from premature ejaculation (1, 2).

Zinc (Sex Drive Maximizer) – Zinc is proven to boost testosterone and it effectively increases the amount of the free testosterone in the bloodstream. This testosterone is in charge of high energy levels and sex drive during your 20s. More testosterone only means improved sex drive and a partner who feels more satisfied with your performance. A certain study revealed that the levels of testosterone in men with zinc deficiency dropped by as much as 70 percent after 20 weeks of low levels of zinc. Meanwhile, levels of testosterone almost doubled in men who have increased zinc intake (1,2).

Results of Using Male Extra

Often referred to as the over the counter Viagra, Male Extra pills worked wonders for the thousands of men who tried using them. After all, many men never want others to know that they want longer lasting and harder erections. Men who are on the smaller end of the spectrum don’t want others to know their issue since size is always a part of the pride of a man.

Being a trusted and leading product, Male Extra pills can work to do the following:

  • Produce rock hard erections
  • Fill more blood to the penile head
  • Enhance the penis size

How Much Will Your Penis Grow

Male Extra doesn’t only give you rock hard erections but can also boost the growth of your penis. You can look forward to being able to please your sexual partner more as these pills can make your penis longer for 0.8 to as much as 2.6 inches. For most men, this growth of 2.6 inches is already 50 percent more penetration length. It means that you can hit your partner’s G spot easily which can lead to more fun and more intense orgasms inside the bedroom. Or better yet, your penis can instantly become the center of attention in the bedroom the moment you take off your pants.

How Long Do You Have to Wait for Male Extra to Take Effect?

How Long Do You Have to Wait for Male Extra to Take Effect?

Men noted that they were able to notice harder erection after several weeks of using Male Extra. Studies were conducted by the manufacturer of the product to show the time when you can experience the best results.

  • 0.8 inches growth in 3 months
  • 1.1 inches growth in 4 months
  • 1.6 inches growth in 5 months
  • 2.6 inches growth in 6 months

With these, you can see that the results improve when you use the pills for a longer time as well. These figures are pretty much realistic because claiming more growth than what is listed above might already be too farfetched. After all, you surely don’t expect to be able to have something as long as baseball bat, do you?

The Good

  • Male Extra is backed by an impressive amount of clinical proofs that support its ingredients.
  • The supplement itself is also backed by a clinical evidence to prove its effectiveness.
  • The product makes use of a very potent formula.
  • The use of Male Extra can lead to improved penile growth.
  • These pills let you achieve and maintain an erection for a longer time.
  • This comes with more proof compared to other natural remedies for erectile dysfunction you can find in the market right now.
  • This can boost your sex drive and testosterone levels.
  • This is revealed to optimize the circulation and flow of blood to your male organ.
  • It can improve the quality of your erections and your performance in the bedroom.

The Not So Good

So far, there are still no downsides or side effects that were reported regarding the use of Male Extra. However, you have to take note that the results can vary from one man to another.

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