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Sexual Life Enhancers: Lublicants


Sex can sometimes be painful. If you are having dryness problems, the solution is at reews.com.

Many women need a help from lubricants during certain periods of their sexual life. The main reason for this is the dryness that occurs in the vagina.

So, what is this dryness problem?

Vaginal dryness is a problem that women usually experience during sexual intercourse. If the secretory glands located at the entrance and inside of the vagina do become active during sex period, the woman vagina becomes dry. The main cause of vagina dryness is starting sexual intercourse without enough foreplay and The vaginal lubricity also depends on the vascular function in the sexual area. If the vaginal vessels are healthy, the blood flow to the vagina is increased and the vaginal space is leaked from these vessels.

Thus, slippery occurs. Therefore, dryness is more common in women with vascular risk factors (smoking, high blood pressure-cholesterol-sugar, non-exercise). Some drugs of chronic stress, anti-depressant type can also cause dryness. In addition, during menopause, vaginal dryness can be experienced due to loss of the general function of vaginal tissue

Solution: Lubricant

The pain relief lubricant will provide you a more enjoyable sex. But using it correctly is very important. Among the lubricants made from materials such as water, oil, petroleum and silicone, the healthiest ones are water-based ones.. Using water-based ones will be healthier. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may have the risk of getting fungus as a result of too much use. For this reason, before using a lubricant, you should consult your gynecologist and certainly avoid using a lot of lubricants. On the other hand, the more the right amount of lubricant is pleasing, the more it will cause the friction to decrease too.

How to use a lubricant

Pour a little of your hand and warm it by rubbing. Then rub it on your partner’s genitals, starting from the tip. Do this mutually. When the time of sexual intercourse is reached, apply on the condom in the same way and add another drop on the tip to increase sensitivity.

Vaginal dryness treatment in women

Although lubrication is a very good solution for women with vaginal dryness, it is necessary to investigate why those people need lubricants in the long run. Sometimes, instead of just lubricating, local hormone supplements, vaginal moisturizers, pH regulators, antioxidants that increase blood flow to the sexual area may be a more correct solution. For this reason, we recommend a medical advice for long-term treatment.