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SizeGenetics Review


If you have not been genetically endowed with the length and width of manhood that you have always dreamed of, chances are you have thought about taking matters in your own hands. Although there are now plenty of ways to add to the size of your organ, the penis extenders or penis traction devices remain to be the safest and the most effective alternatives instead of those time consuming and tiring exercises, ineffective weights, different temporary solutions such as pills, or risky and painful surgeries.

A quick search online will show you that there are indeed a lot of penis extenders available right now, and there is lots of options to choose from. But, SizeGenetics is the name that truly stands out in the crowd, making it a great choice for those men who feel like they can use the help of a penis extender device. SizeGenetics is very simple and easy to use, and you can expect great results that give you excellent value for your investment.

Why SizeGenetics is the Leading Penis Extender Device in the Market


SizeGenetics is one of, if not the leading penis extender that you can find right now to turn your dreams of longer manhood into reality. The SizeGenetics system developed and shipped from the country of Denmark is made using only the highest quality of materials. You can see right away that some serious thought was taken, right from the packaging of this product, up to the device’s design itself.

A few of the best features of SizeGenetics system are the following:

Made to quickly add to your penile size by inches.

This is the same penis extender device that comes highly recommended by many surgeons who perform penile enhancement all over the world.

This includes effective exercises which can further improve the strength and quality of your erections.

This can help correct penile curvature, as the system itself is originally made for this particular purpose.

This comes with techniques which can help you in getting better control of your ejaculation.

The larger penis you will get with the use of the device will boost your confidence inside the bedroom.

This comes with the patented and proven effective 16 Way Ultimate Comfort System.
It is backed by a genuine medical device certificate.

SizeGenetics’ 16 Way Ultimate Comfort Technology

Even though size might not be everything, more and more men are now becoming dissatisfied with the current situation of their sex lives, and this is why they turn to penile enlargement. In general, women tend to be more satisfied if they can feel more from their sex partner. In the same way that women seek ways for enhancing their small breasts to increase their pleasure and sexual attractiveness, a bigger and longer penis can help enhance the sexual life of a man, and as a result, boost his ego as well.

Another notable benefit of the use of penis extenders or traction device for increasing penile size is that men who suffer from a curved or bent penis can also notice a change in their penile curvature.

The SizeGenetics system is backed by numerous medical studies and is also clinically tested. This is a Medical Type 1 Device which comes with efficacy and safety assessed under Medical Device Directive. As stated earlier, even surgeons specializing in penile enlargement treatments also use this device. A SizeGenetics review was also published by none other than GQ Magazine, and it also got featured in several major TV stations like BBC.

With over 16 years of being in the market, SizeGenetics extender is among the best choices there is when it comes to effectiveness, comfort, and designed. With the 16 Way Ultimate Comfort System, there is no doubt that this is the best extender in terms of comfort.

The parts of the device include a protection pad, comfort strap, latex head grip covered in fabric, silicon noose, and non-slip Protech matt strap, all of which work together to offer only the highest level of support and comfort. Since you can be sure of utmost comfort, it is possible for you to wear this device for a longer time for you to reach the best male enhancement results you have always wanted.

The 16 Way Ultimate Comfort System helps fit the user’s penis depending on its angle, shape and size. You can freely experiment with the different parts for you to achieve the most comfortable fit with the use of its different accessories.

Non-Slip Protect Matt Strap – It can be worn with comfort strap or silicone noose to prevent slipping of the extender.

Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip – It’s used to help protect penile skin when silicon strap or comfort strap is rubbing.

Protection Pad – It is a pad that offers extra comfort when you’re using either comfort strap or silicone noose.

Comfort Strap – It’s an alternative method to silicon noose. Its comfort strap can wrap the extender over a larger area of one’s penis rather than gripping just under the head of your penis.

Silicon Noose – This is basically attached below the head of the penis to provide upward force towards the head of your penile, which offers you a comfortable and firm grip.

Aside from the abovementioned parts, the design of SizeGenetics incorporates the MDA or Multi Directional Angling technology, which enables users to have some options when wearing the device in whatever the angle that suits perfectly for them. The system of SizeGenetics has also a Budget System that’s perfect for the beginners and available around $200. But, they also provide Ultimate System that include different bonuses like a penis moisturizer called Revita cream, grip enhancer known as Traction Plus powder, device wipes, PenisHealth DVD, Love Centria Online, discreet packaging, free shipping, billing, and a guarantee good for 180 days. The product can be delivered in a discreet packaging without any reference to the contents of the package.

SizeGenetics – Does It Really Work?

SizeGenetics is a registered type 1 medical device, which carries European CE Health stamp. This penile extender is endorsed by the doctors who specializes in sexual health industry and has been proven clinically to work to improve the penis size. Last 2008, there was an article published by BJUI or British Journal of Urology International that explored about how penis extenders work and their effectiveness. To evaluate the maximum potential of these devices, there’s a clinical study that was conducted at University of Turin with sixteen patients whose age was 47 years old. The results of a six month period were actually positive with an average enhancement in the length of penile being 2.3 centimeters for flaccid penis and when penis is stretched, it is 1.7 centimeters.

Penile Organ-Cross Section

Weight lifters lift heavier weights as muscles stretch. This causes small micro tears, which result to new cell duplication. As muscle heals, it becomes firmer and larger. The penis stretchers work on the same cell duplication principle. Through applying controlled and constant traction on Copora Cavernosa, the cells split gradually to make new healthy cells. It causes Copora Cavernose to be firmer and bigger and can hold more blood as this gets bigger. As a result, the penile size increases and this includes the penis circumference of girth.

With sixteen years of experience in the design and development of penis traction devices and through lots of satisfied customers, SizeGenetics come up with the sixteen-way Ultimate System to ensure the best penile enlargement results while ensuring safety and comfort for the body’s most sensitive organ. To ensure that SizeGenetics workr, the company has six months money-back guarantee.

The Good

  • This includes a six-month guarantee on both your satisfaction and product.
  • It’s considered a quality medical device and includes actual authenticity and certificate.
  • It has sixteen years of successful track record in the industry of penis enlargement.
  • It’s actually endorsed by the doctors and penile enhancement experts worldwide.
  • It includes sixteen way comfort strap system. Among the different penis extenders in the market, the support strap system of SizeGenetics is ranked as the second best.
  • For the device’s construction, only the highest quality materials were used.
  • The Ultimate System of SizeGenetics is the best quality system, which offers the best value of your investment.

The Not So Good

  • You’ll pay for additional custom duties.
  • It is shipped from Europe.
  • The system is expensive and Ultimate System offers value in relation to the cost.
  • Even if free shipping is already included, the estimated arrival time is between a month and thirty-five days without system in place to track your shipment.
  • You should invest additional forty dollars to get a warranty.
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