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What Is The Ideal Penis Length?


Men usually complain about the small size of their penis. In this condition, experts usually say  this is a stereotypical but very accurate statement ” The function mattersi not the size”. But normally what is it ?

the entrance of the woman’s sexual organ, called the lips, and the outermost parts of the vagina are places where the juncture is open during the sexual intercaurse.

The remaining part of this region is insensitive. According to Dr. M. Ihsal “Especially in order to reach and stimulate the first intact portion of the vagina, the penis has to reach atleast 7 cm after hardening and this is sufficient ”

The average size of USA men penises is 11 cm.

The size of the penis may vary according to the age, sex, race, genetics. According to the researches made, the average size in Turkey is around 11 cm. As  people are not all the same, There is no rule that they will have the same length of penis too. “The longer the penis the better the sexuality “statement is definitely wrong. Therefore, when erected the penis size should not be obsessed about. Sometimes even long penises can causewomen to fill unconfortable during sexual intercourse.


There are many medical pills, creams, gels on the market. Their effects are temporary and controversial, as are their side effects. If they show any effect, the effect last for a very short time. In addition, men should not start such treatment on their own, absolutely consult the doctor before using these medication. If there are those who have complaints about the shortness of their penis, they should consult an urologist .

Surgery can be necessary.

If there is a serious shortage, medical intervention can be done. Penis enlargement can only be done if an urologist has detected shortness and it is done with some medical operations.

The shortness of a penis  is called “micropenis” and this medical operation can be performed in 2 different ways.

Penis enlargement:

Extension operations, basic mechanism, is done firstly by cutting the link between the penis and the body and extending it in this way it can be extended to about two inches.


It is done by injecting in the penis a foreign substance that will increase the volüme of the penis.