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What Should Be Done Before Sex?


If you want to add more excitement and passion to your sexual life, you should definitely know about the 4 golden rules . Here are the four rules about things you need to do before sex …

Would you like to have a sex life that is more enjoyable and satisfying on both sides? Of course you want! Sometimes, however, mistakes made without awareness of the parties are affecting access to a happy ending! If you want a real happy ending, do not ignore this 4 gold rule!

Leave boring subjects behind your bed!

Never talk about annoying issues before and after sex!  Life is boring as it gets, and this bothers you and your partner. To change this situation, leave your life before you enter the bed and give yourself that masterpiece to enjoy the moments of pleasure!

Use your sexy underwear until the end!

The look to the eye comes before everything else, so you can give a great feast to your body by puting on the most suitable clothes. Of course, do not leave the mystery out of your life too. In a dim environment, vaguely sex can be good.

Cleanliness and body odor are important!

With everything else aside,  you can  get all the sexiness and excitement with the hygiene only. Smells, like sweat or smoke…, are one of the most important factors that will cause your partner to repell you . Instead, use nice body odors on a clean skin (you can also choose to consider your partner’s preference) …

Touch the  Sensitive points!

How you touch and where you touch is proportional to how much you know your partner. This discovery will excite you and your partner very much, and much importantly, it will give you much pleasure.